Guess This is Really Goodbye..

- Well it’s been a pretty good Run.. Running this Blog! I’ve always Had so Much Time on My Hands but Now I’ve been Pretty Busy Lately.. with Work, Skool, and well I’ve been thinking this through Lately Thinking if I should Delete this account or Keep it Up.. but i Haven’t decided so Some time this week This Blog will be Deleted.. MAYBE!! but other than that Thanks to all 3,363 Followers.. I still cnt believe I’ve reached that Many Follower in the past 3years since I’ve Created this account… 

But anyways.. thanks For Sticking By wit Me for these past 2/3 Year’s.. Ya’ll been Great!! gonna Miss it Like I haven’t talked to anyone in a wile But i guess this is it Guys!!! Myabe Just Maybe i’ll Be bakk but well see.. but other than that Thanks Everyone!! :) not that Yall care imma be gone Lol but anyways!!! Last post… MAYBE haha But Alrite… 

#PeaceOutKubskoutz ;) 

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|| [] Brian Puspos x Commonless || Footage review.

with Bru Vidal, Ian Eastwood & Megan Batoon.
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Had a lot of fun the other day on my final day for shooting #breakingthrough at @danceonnetwork spotlight AND found out my @jambajuice friends have a new cold press creation comin out later this month - #jambainabottle #danceonspotlight

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@ian_eastwood just performed at #WODLive . #CityWalkLA #5Towers

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Got to dance with the lil bro @seanlew1125 today! #BreakingThrough


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This what happens when me & my girl have Krispy Kreme, it starts a Boppin party in the kitchen.

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i’m half a heart without you

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I will catch you if you fall
But if you spread your wings
You can fly away with me
But you can’t fly unless you let ya,
You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall

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Paper Hearts.

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Fro bak Thursday.. (Dang this caption would be sick if I had a different haircut)

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