will you be at the next WOD

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u guys do know Im not the real Ian RIght? or are You askin well yeahh Lol 

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kid from chicago

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have you Met any Member of MWC?

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Funny Story About that.. Long Story Short Ive Only Met Brian.. that’s It!! 

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What does Ian's arm tattoo mean?

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ANCORA IMPARO" its a famous italian quote by Michelangelo which means “Still I learn

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You must be annoyed with all the "Why did Chachi and Ian break up" question. So on another note, how's your day been so far?

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pretty Much.. But its all Good tho! :) Feels Up My Inbox wit Nuttin But Questions about them That i Still Havent Answerd! Lol 

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do you still love chachi? :'(

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course I Do.. :) She’s Still My #2 Favorite Girl Dancer.. Sorry #1 Taken By Parris Goebel<3 #NoHardFeelings Lol

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hi! i read in your faq about young lions merch on how to order and i did [thank you for that btw!] but do you know if you receive a confirmation email? i payed but i haven't gotten any response yet... i'm really worried :o

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ummm I’ve acually Never Done it before So im Not Sure.. (This May Be an Old Message) but Sorry Bout that.. 

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Q:Did we drive an hour away to get Portillo’s in Buena Park, CA? A: yes. Q:Was it worth it? A: Absolutely. 

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Impossible to not have a good morning with an almond milk latte and this face at the breakfast table. Happy Monday!

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Happy 4th of July..

Have a Safe an Happy 4th Everyone :) 

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Some these FIreworks Going off Makes It Sound Like im In the Hunger Games

and Another Tribute Has Died.. and Im there Like…

haha.. Anyways But other than that.. its almost The 4th Of July!! which Means!!!! :D Lol.. 

Dont Mind Me Im Just BORED!! haha 

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the first installment vs. the breakup sequel 
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sassy ian in the progress report
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well that’s 2 Graduations Down.. 3 More to Go.. phewwwww!!! :) 

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Happy birthday AND happy Father’s Day to the best dad and best male role model I’ve ever met in my life, hopefully my performance yesterday was enough to make him proud but just in case I made him this gift…in case you can’t read it it says, “Congratulations, you’re still my dad”. Hahaha.

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