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tell us a little bit about yourself?

ASKED BY Anonymous.

haha My Life is BORING.. Lol But oh well!! 

- Junior or Teejayy My Name
- Im 22 
- I’m a Father to 2 Kid’s (Boy && Girl)
- I Live In Seattle Wa
- I Used to Be a Dancer in High School.. but wen i got My Kid’s I Stopped.. but Went bakk to Dancing after High Skool..
- I’m Samoan
- Music Is My Passion
- I Never met Ian.. But he Tweeted/ Retweeted Me twice.. Lol ;)

and Yahh… Ohh Yeah I Had other blogs i Ran.. but its been a wile since ive been on them.. 

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Do you Have a Favorite choreography Ian Tought? or Danced to on Youtube?

ASKED BY Anonymous.

there’s alot that’s My Favorite.. Just to name a few!

there’s More but that’s all i could think of Now Lol.. :) 

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any good Ian blogs to view? or just to Follow? or you know what i mean righ? lol

ASKED BY Anonymous.

there’s alot of Ian Blog’s Out there.. Just to name a few I Follow/Reblog or Just Like to Go on there Blog just to Check em Out.. 

  1. mistereastwood
  2. mdub-army
  3. ianeastwoodfan
  4. ianeastwoodisastud
  5. ianeastwoodarmy
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Ian Eastwood will be teachig soon in mexico?

ASKED BY Anonymous.

im not Really sure about Teaching In mexico.. But im Pretty sure if You ask him or One of these days He’ll End up comin there.. but im pretty sure thats

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are you really deleting Your blog? if so why?

ASKED BY Anonymous.

im still debating if i should.. i havent made My Final Decision yet but one of these days this blog will be gone for good.. Just wont say wen tho so all i can say is it can happen anytime!! but yah kno.. its Still a MAYBE Tho

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ya’lll Should ask Me so Stuff.. Bored Out of My mind.. I was gonna delete this Blog today! but eh Why Not Just Talk fo everyone wile Im Here!! so Why Not? 


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Guess This is Really Goodbye..

- Well it’s been a pretty good Run.. Running this Blog! I’ve always Had so Much Time on My Hands but Now I’ve been Pretty Busy Lately.. with Work, Skool, and well I’ve been thinking this through Lately Thinking if I should Delete this account or Keep it Up.. but i Haven’t decided so Some time this week This Blog will be Deleted.. MAYBE!! but other than that Thanks to all 3,363 Followers.. I still cnt believe I’ve reached that Many Follower in the past 3years since I’ve Created this account… 

But anyways.. thanks For Sticking By wit Me for these past 2/3 Year’s.. Ya’ll been Great!! gonna Miss it Like I haven’t talked to anyone in a wile But i guess this is it Guys!!! Myabe Just Maybe i’ll Be bakk but well see.. but other than that Thanks Everyone!! :) not that Yall care imma be gone Lol but anyways!!! Last post… MAYBE haha But Alrite… 

#PeaceOutKubskoutz ;) 

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|| [] Brian Puspos x Commonless || Footage review.

with Bru Vidal, Ian Eastwood & Megan Batoon.
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